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Exposed. Climate Change in Britain’s Backyard 2007

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What does climate change mean for the UK?

Working with Magnum Photos, the National Trust challenged 10 of the UK’s top photographers to answer this question by capturing climate change through the lens.

The result is the stunning new exhibition ‘Exposed’ - a series of beautiful, thought-provoking and intimate images taken on location at the National Trust’s gardens, historic houses, countryside and coastline, coupled with stories from the people who care for these special places.

Climate change is constantly making headlines and governments all over the world are being pressured to introduce policies to slow down its affects. Already our seasons are increasingly unpredictable and our weather often seems extreme. But what are the likely impacts of climate change on daily life in Britain and what are its wide-ranging and often surprising effects? 

The story so far:
The blanket of gases that keeps the surface of the earth warm is getting thicker, trapping in more heat and changing our climate. Human activity is causing this, mainly through burning fossil fuels for energy which releases carbon dioxide. The consequences of climate change for our buildings, gardens, coastline and countryside are becoming clearer everyday. And we’re going to see more changes over the next few decades. But today we have the opportunity to tackle climate change and avoid more extreme impacts.

This is the first photographic exhibition featuring stories of climate change across the country. We invite you to discover the dramatic impacts of climate change close to home, and the practical steps we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint.

Together our actions will make a real difference.


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