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The Coast Exposed 2005

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The National Maritime Museum presented this touring exhibition in the Queen’s House, its principal art venue for one year, as part of its contribution to SeaBritain 2005. The exhibition toured several other galleries including the Lowry, Salford and the Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

The Coast Exposed was a celebration of our coast, highlighting its beauty, the environmental pressures that it faces and its relationship to people.  The exhibition brought together the poetic vision of the top landscape photographers who work with the National Trust and reportage photography by the internationally renowned agency Magnum Photos.  Magnum’s reputation is based on its innovative approach to documentary photography, combining the individual vision of the artist with journalistic acumen. 

The National Trust is the guardian of iconic landscapes like the White Cliffs of Dover and The Giant’s Causeway, fought for since the 1960’s with the founding of the Neptune Coastline Campaign. It now owns over 700 miles of spectacular, undeveloped coastline. The exhibition co-incided with the 40th anniversary of the Neptune Campaign, which had raised more than 36 million to save 413 miles of coastline threatened by development and erosion.


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