Curator of Photography


Joe Cornish
Landscape Photographer

For over a decade Maggie Gowan ran the National Trust photolibrary while I was a contributing photographer. Her support for photographers, and her understanding of the many challenges faced by photographers on location was exceptional and unswerving. Her own experience as a photographer equipped her to understand our problems, and issues, but it also enabled her to encourage and inspire us to do our best and face new and different challenges. For example, although I am a landscape photographer Maggie asked me to undertake a number of assignments for the Trust with people, animals, work and leisure activities; these proved some of my most interesting and successful commissions.

During the period of Maggie’s leadership the photolibrary flourished as a vital resource for the Trust’s communications teams, and also forged its own identity through work commissioned for the Trust magazine, for book publishing, and especially for major public exhibitions.

Maggie continues to coordinate exhibitions for the NT, and she enjoys the respect and trust of all the photographers who have worked with her. As well as her photographic insights she has the great enthusiasm and deep insights for environmental issues that you might expect from someone with so much experience working at a major conservation organisation.

Neil Eastell
Head of Design and Corporate Identity
The National Trust

Maggie and I have worked together on numerous projects during our time at the National Trust, both of us trying to enhance and protect the brand through the use of outstanding photography combined with good design.

Maggie’s energy and enthusiasm established the Trust’s photo library as one of national, if not international, importance. By combining a keen interest and background in photography with marketing and business skills, Maggie was able to persuade Britain’s top landscape and interiors photographers to work with her on the development of a portfolio of images which would underpin the brand and the convey the Trust’s purpose. She then worked tirelessly to promote the library, and consequently the Trust’s work, to a wider audience through photographic exhibitions, advertising and promotions which she personally art directed and curated.

Maggie is passionate about photography and this shows in every project she has worked on.


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